The Trust has commitment towards offering total healthcare for under privileged Type-1 diabetics . Most naturally, the services of the staff in the endeavor of the Dream Trust, including our managing trustee, Dr. Sharad Pendsey's, services, are rendered free. Every contribution will go a long way in achieving the objectives. Of course, any such exercise, which is so awesome in magnitude, cannot remain a burden of just a few and still hope to reach anywhere. This is simply because, with more welcome contributions coming in, more numbers could be benefited.

By sending donations : The Trust can plan more educational activities, organize juvenile diabetics' camps, picnics, buy audio-visual aids, print educational material in the vernacular languages for distribution and carry out rehabilitation of these children. Every donation will go long way to help in fulfilling the dreams of a diabetic child.

Visit us at DREAM Trust at Nagpur, see the work yourself , get involved and give your valuable suggestions.

By sponsoring a diabetic child : for more information see sponsorship page.