We here at DREAM Trust, which is a charitable institution, work in our small way, towards making the life of diabetic children especially female diabetics, more bearable and more meaningful.
The main object of the Trust is to help poor children with diabetes. People at large, in India, are not medically insured and have to buy insulin injections, syringes and other accessories required for treatment. Poor families find it difficult to commit a quarter of their monthly income for the medicine and healthcare required by a diabetic child. This is why they try to find short cuts which they wrongly believe will make treatment less expensive. Debilitating, social, cultural and economic factors in India continue to discriminate against women and girls in appalling ways. This is why, the trust gives just and deserving priority to girls. This project of sponsoring these children was conceived after we experienced two shocking incidents of losing diabetic girls. Parents of these girls had stopped giving insulin as they simply could not afford it any longer.

Shocking incidents & the birth of DREAM Trust

was five years old and she was two when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. She regularly visited our clinic in Nagpur India, with her parents. One day she was brought into the clinic in a comatose state with severe ketoacidosis and shock. Somehow she had managed to reach the clinic; it took all the strength she had left. Her parents had stopped giving her insulin-they simply could not afford it any longer. In desperation, they had resorted to alternative medicine,    KALPANA DIED..!! I ( Dr.Sharad Pendsey-Managing Trustee of DREAM Trust ), was devastated and furious. Looking at her mother’s pathetic face, I swallowed the bitter truth and reconciled myself to defeat. Kalpana had always come to our yearly picnics for children with type 1 diabetes and had been making good progress. She was such a joyful child and it was always a great pleasure to see her. She would never come to our picnic again....
Sudha was eight years old and had just been diagnosed with type 1 diabets when I met her. When she was discharged from the clinic, I counselled her parents. I explained them about insulin and its importance for survival. I found Sudha’s poor and illiterate parents very attentive to what I said. Finally her father asked me, "Doctor, if I understand you correctly, does Sudha have to take insulin everyday for the rest of life ?" I nodded, "Yes". "What would happen", he went on, "if she stopped taking insulin?" "Well, she would go into a coma", I explained, "and if left unattended she would die". He nodded calmly and had clearly understood everything I said. I was happy that my counselling had had the desired effect. I gave Sudha a pat on the head and she left the clinic with her parents.
One month later, I learnt that Sudha had died. Her father had quite intentionally stopped giving her insulin, knowing very well what the result would be. The logic of poverty had overpowered the logic of life.

Kalpana and Sudha were not the only ones; there were many more shocking and disheartening cases of this kind that my wife-Swati-and I decided to form an organization to help prevent further tragedies and this was how DREAM Trust was born. The Trust has so far sponsored over 500 type 1 diabetic children. They are given free insulin, syringes, monitoring strips, glucometers and their health is monitored. Such exercise which is so awesome in magnitude cannot remain a burden on just a few and still hope to reach anywhere. This is simply because much more welcome contributions coming in, more number could be benefitted.

In order to make these children self reliant, the trust believes that education is the key to eradicate poverty. Trust gives educational scholarships to these under privilege diabetic children, provide bicycles to enable them to go to school situated at a distance from the village.

Trust also promotes , supports vocational training for grooming boys & girls and help them to set up a small business. The Trust has given educational scholarships to 45 needy children and financial assistance to 3 needy Type 1 Diabetics to start a business like screen printing & setting up a Fruit shop. It has also given financial assistance for vocational training to 2 girls for nursing course and 1 for beauty parlour course. 3 type 1 Diabetics have been provided bicycles to enable them to reach school which is at a far off distance.

This is a small beginning of our newly launched Rehabilation program.

Bicycles were donated to 3 diabetic children enabling them to go to school by bicyle.
You can help us by donating funds, sponsoring a diabetic child or by sending healthcare products for these children or you can just become a friend of DREAM Trust.